Pokeraar gaat weddenschap van 500.000 dollar aan en verliest in 4 maanden tientallen kilo’s!


Dit is Walter Fisher, een professionele pokerspeler die zichzelf 180 graden heeft getransformeerd. De 36-jarige man startte een weddenschap met een mede-pokeraar nadat hij zelf heel veel geld had verloren. De man beloofde hem 500.000 dollar als hij binnen een aantal maanden tientallen kilos zou afvallen en afgetraind zou worden.

Zo zag hij eruit:

My 600k bet… So this is me at my biggest, unhealthiest all time high as an adult. 242 lbs of fat Jewish Russian from NYC. December 22nd 2016. I was so unhealthy looking that when I was at a poker table I made a statement as I was eating a hot apple pie with ice cream that tomorrow I would be starting on my road to getting under 10 percent body fat within 6 months.Needless to say there were some skeptical gamblers that thought it was money in the bag. In there mind there's no way that I can possibly accomplish that feat.So we hammered out the details and I didn't even know my body fat percent yet but we decided Dexa scan would be the way we would measure and that I obviously wouldn't not be taking steroids or HGH , liposuction to get there or I would be disqualified. To keep me honest I agreed to random full panel blood testing as well. Once we got all the stipulations put down and locked the money in escrow the race was on !!!#fatrussianjewboy #racetoundertenpercent #600kbetonbodyfat #degenerategambling

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En dit was het resultaat na 4 maanden trainen met onder andere Dan Bilzerian, weddenschap gewonnen!

8.8 still fucken high from this transformation and journey #wedidit #nevergiveup #beastmode THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR THE SUPPORT MY FAMILY especially @elenafisher30 @fik2323 @mimiluvsmusic @dannyfisher123 @boris.transmit @alextodd @jefftoddnyc all my friends @mitch_slavuter @dougger6981 @collisionworld @numerals @stan_shtayner108 @adamross17 @s_l_8282 @danbilzerian @magicantonio @billperkins @jeffgrosspoker and there are so many many more people but everyone love you guys for having my back and helping get to a great place in my life. #onelove also Big Shout Out to J @SteelSupplements for lacing me up with the best sups, Jason @Bodyspec for the best Dexas, Doc Phil @Pfcnutriton , and my trainer chris @premiermindandbody

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