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Australische vrouw met MS reageert op idioot briefje op haar auto


Bovenstaand Facebook-bericht plaatste de Australische Justin Van den Borne onlangs online. Ze kampt met MS. Een verschrikkelijke spierziekte. Het stoort haar dat zo weinig mensen hier interesse in tonen. Ze greep dit idiote briefje van een onbekend persoon met de tekst ‘Did you forget your wheelchair?’ aan om awareness te creëren online.

Er waren gelukkig veel mensen die haar steunden en reageren:

‘Stuff them I say!!! I’m 31 and have rheumatoid arthritis and palmer planter paorisis so there are times I can’t go to the toilet and there are times I can walk with a smile as the pain I have to deal with. I have a permit to and I don’t give two craps what people think as I get looks all the time but they have no idea. I’ve been in bed most of the day with every bone and joint in my body in agony and if people like that think we like a life of pain and suffering shame in them. Not all disabilities are visible.’ – Kim Kearney.

‘Before my mum got her disabled sticker for MS she use to get honked at and yelled out for taking too long to get in and out of her car and her cane. Was so disgusting. Now has a sticker so avoids that but people really have no idea really! Just disgusting behaviour!!’ – Naomi June.

‘Don’t let one person ruin your happy times. Not everyone displaying these signs are wheelchair bound. Maybe they need to change the design of these permits. I too had a nasty remark slung at me when I was transporting my elderly parents shopping etc’ – Gaynor Barker.

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Australische vrouw met MS reageert op idioot briefje op haar auto