Foto van terminaal zieke vader met zijn zoontje gaat viral

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De 33-jarige John Strawson is vader van 3 kinderen maar onlangs getroffen door acute leukemie. De eerste berichten naar aanleiding van stamceltransplantatie zijn helaas negatief:

“If you relapse from a stem cell transplant in the first six months your chances of survival are pretty poor. Doctors have never known anyone to be cured from the relapse I have,” vertelde hij de krant vanuit zijn bed.

“I was told I could either go home and receive palliative care and I could be dead within weeks, or try the option of intensive chemotherapy to give me a second chance of remission. However, there’s a 10 percent risk of dying because the chemotherapy is so intense and there’s a 10 percent risk that my bone marrow will never recover.

“But being given weeks to live is not long enough. I owe it to my three children to prolong things for longer if nothing else. Hopefully I will go back into remission again.”

Deze lieve foto gaat ondertussen viral:

“I have three young children so this prognosis is unacceptable. I am not ready to just roll over and die. I owe it to my children and my family to exhaust every avenue,” he said.

“I’ve got a meeting with my consultant team to discuss possible further treatment depending on my bone marrow results. I have also been doing some research of my own and I have been looking into CAR-T cell therapy which uses your own immune system to fight it, but it’s expensive and I don’t know about its availability in this country.”

Hij blijft dus heel sterk, maar het is natuurlijk verschrikkelijk.

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Foto van terminaal zieke vader met zijn zoontje gaat viral