Man haalt eindelijk zijn rijbewijs na 33 pogingen, 14 instructeurs en 25 jaar!

4496 x GEDEELD

De 42-jarige Christian Whiteley-Mason heeft na 33 pogingen, 14 instructeurs, 25 lange jaren en 10.000 pond nu eindelijk zijn rijbewijs gehaald.

Zijn verhaal:

“I can’t believe I’ve actually finally passed after all these years. I’m still in shock!

“There was this one examiner at the Barnsley test centre who I used to pray I didn’t get. She was notoriously tough and she failed me every time.


“I had 56 lessons with my first instructor and eventually he told me to just give up as I would never pass.”

“Everyone laughed at me and said I’d never do it, I’d get bored again. But I was absolutely determined I was going to show everyone.”

“There must be a God because I prayed every night that I wouldn’t get that same examiner who’d kept failing me, and I didn’t.”

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