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Man maakt functionerend wapen met Lego-steentjes

Hij heeft er liefst 3.5 jaar over gedaan, maar dan heb je ook wat:


So ages ago when I was 15 or so I built this gun from Lego. I got it to shoot on the first night of making and 2 days later it was fully built, except it was sh*t. It barely functioned and was flat out wonky in some aspects. After a long ass time of tweaking and some outright reconstruction it’s silky smooth and very strong.


I actually would now like to sell it to anyone who’d like to have it. Email me at “[email protected]” if you’re interested. If and when I do sell this I will make another one and sell that too, I’ll then make another one and so on. P.S. If you’re wondering about price, well, how much do you think it’s worth? Email me and make an offer.

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Man maakt functionerend wapen met Lego-steentjes