Man viel 45 kilo af zónder te trainen! Hoe? Zo

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Deze man viel 45 kilo af zónder te trainen! Hoe? Zo: (het is wel in het Engels)

My name is Jared. About 7 months ago I was 302 lbs. I was 24 years old and told myself I couldn’t be 25 and be over 300 lbs, so I figured it was time for drastic changes. I wanted to lose 100 lbs by my birthday on October 6th. Today is the 26th of October and I’m 190 lbs.

I completely cut out all soda and sugar based drinks, started drinking a gallon of water a day and cut out bread and all fast food. I lost almost 60 lbs in the first two months and got addicted to the results I was seeing. So I just kept going. Losing 110 lbs in 7 months isn’t easy, but is definitely obtainable if you stick to your diet and do a lot of cardio. I love basketball so I played a lot of that and also started jogging with some sprints involved to get the heart rate up. I also incorporated box jumps.

The one thing I’ve prided myself in is that I have no set foot in a gym once. You don’t need a gym to meet your fitness goals. You can jog, do push-ups, and do sit-ups anywhere. Now that I’m at a weight where I feel comfortable, I started weightlifting to tone up and build some lean muscle.

To be honest, I wanted to show that gyms are overrated… I would just jog about a mile and a half to my buddy’s house who had his own basketball court and play every day — either by myself or get a good pick up game going. After the game was over, everyone would be dead tired and would drive home. I would then jog the 1.5 miles back home. I think that really jump started the weight loss.

My favorite thing about the weight loss is people asking me for tips on how to do it and saying I have inspired them to start their own journey.

When it comes to my social life, I have always been a social person — what people would call me the life of the party. I party less because drinking definitely doesn’t help the weight loss, but I’m still a bro a heart so it’s hard for me to turn down a good turn up. When it comes to girls, its funny to me — I’m pretty sure they are more shallow than guys. Not saying I was abstinent before, but losing the weight has helped in that area. Lol.

I do landscaping and pressure washing( detailing) for work, so not carrying around 110 extra lbs has been a big help.

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Man viel 45 kilo af zónder te trainen! Hoe? Zo