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Meisjes vragen internet om hulp bij photoshoppen foto

Het begon voor deze twee meisjes allemaal met deze foto:


En deze bijgevoegde tekst:
“Hello! This is a picture of a girlfriend and myself. I was wondering if anyone could photoshop the background so that we are looking at something such as the beach instead of yellow grass. I don’t have any sad stories to accompany the picture. I was just hoping there is someone out there with some free time willing to help out just for fun :)”

Het internet reageerde zoals we konden verwachten:


De meisjes vonden de reacties zo leuk, dat ze twee keer reageerden:

Holy crap guys, you’ve outdone yourselves.
I’ve had my account for a little over a year but I’ve been lurking for much longer than that O_o So yes, I knew exactly what I was getting myself into. I knew this would be entertaining but I also knew that maybe 2% of you would be serious about it. Also, yes, it’s my first upload but that’s only because I believe in OC and I’ve never had any of my own before.
Thanks to everyone for making my year because every edit was beautiful. You guys rock.

UPDATE 2: I’m gonna take the advice of some on the compilation posts and print out every single one and place them all into a photo album. I seriously loved every edit and can’t imagine not saving all of them. Thanks again imgur for putting this smile on my face that I haven’t been able to control since the first comment was submitted

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Meisjes vragen internet om hulp bij photoshoppen foto