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Omstanders moeten lachen om politiewagen die een boete krijgt

In Scarborough hadden een paar omstanders de dag van hun leven. Ze zagen namelijk dat een verkeersbeambte een boete uitschreef voor een politiewagen die verkeerd geparkeerd stond.

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Artiest Graham Rhodes sloeg het tafereel gade en reageerde als volgt:

“It felt like I was witnessing karma in action. It was a really odd situation where people weren’t sure whose side they were on.

“I could see the warden thinking about it from outside the front of my shop. He made a couple of calls and was clearly checking something on his phone.

“He actually went away and booked a couple of other cars while he figured out what to do.


“There was a bit of a crowd gathering so I went down for a closer look. When he finally issued the ticket there was a round of applause.

“I think people were just pleased to see that the rules were applied equally to the police as with anyone else. There was no bias.

“It was a strange atmosphere because normally people wouldn’t take a traffic warden’s side, but this time they did.”

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Omstanders moeten lachen om politiewagen die een boete krijgt