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Politieagent vertelt hoe soldaten hem hielpen in trein vol dronkenlappen

Een Britse politieagent heeft op Facebook zijn verhaal gedaan over hoe hij hulp kreeg van een stel soldaten toen hij in een trein aangevallen werd door een stel dronkenlappen:

‘This train is notorious for anti-social behaviour, assaults (including sexual) and being full of drunk people who think it’s funny to try and rattle the police who have to escort them back home. Last night it was particularly busy. The mood was not a good one – the train was delayed and I’d already had to fend off a number of people who chose to blame me for these delays. I’d already been told to f*** off more times than I could count and I was beginning to wonder when my first scrap was going to come.

‘I happened to mention to a member of the public that I was concerned that something was going to happen and that I’d get my head kicked in as I tried to stop it.’

‘At this point the MOP put his hand on my shoulder and said to me ‘You’re not getting your head kicked in – you’ve got a train full of military here. You shout, we’re there. We’re not going to let that happen’. Luckily, the rest of the train journey was without incident.’

‘We may wear different uniforms, take a different oath and deal with completely different issues but I’d like to give a big shout out to the ladies and gentlemen who work in the armed forces. I could never do your job. Know that your brothers and sisters in blue stand shoulder to shoulder with you.’

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Politieagent vertelt hoe soldaten hem hielpen in trein vol dronkenlappen