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Vader heeft prachtige reactie op sms van school die vraagt waarom zijn zoon afwezig was

Velen onder ons hebben een coole vader, maar Simon Morgan uit South Wales is next level. Hij nam zijn zoon op een dag plotseling mee naar Dubai voor een tweedaagse trip.

Dit was zijn reactie toen de school smste waarom zijn zoon absent was:


James al staande voor het beroemde Burj Al’arab hotel. Dit was Simon’s reactie:

“We only found out about the holiday the day before as it was through the travel agency that we run, so we genuinely didn’t have time to plan.

“I know I should have told the school beforehand but if you ask on things like this unfortunately they often say they don’t approve of it, so I took a gamble. They didn’t reply to the text so I think it paid off.

“James is doing very well, is on target for excellent GCSE results and misses very few days so I knew it was not going to negatively affect his work.

“When I got the message I decided to send the picture because I think a picture tells a thousand words. I think from the photo it was then quite apparent where he was.

“It was light-hearted banter, though admittedly it’s not the first time I have done it. James obviously thought it was fantastic and all of his friends loved it too.”

Sowieso heeft Simon al langer de naam van coole vader. Toen James in 2015 een keer absent was stuurde hij de volgende tekst naar school:

“Oh dear god… We took James out last night to celebrate the end of his GCSE exams. We had a couple of cocktails…

“Not sure what happened next but I’ve woken up in a hotel room with a six foot plastic flamingo in my bed and what looks like Mike Tyson’s tiger in the corner of the room.

“I think we may be in Las Vegas? I’ve no idea where James is. Will check the roof.”

Hoe de school reageerde weet niemand.

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Vader heeft prachtige reactie op sms van school die vraagt waarom zijn zoon afwezig was