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Vrienden nemen wraak op getrouwd stel tijdens honeymoon!

Stel je voor dat je zo thuiskomt van de honeymoon met je vrouw:


Je vrienden hebben al je ramen dichtgetimmerd en poppen opgehangen. Maar niet alleen de buitenkant is behandeld. Het bestek is ingepakt:


De badkamer zat vol ballonnen en de voorraadkast stond vol ingeblikte groenten zonder label. Huiseigenaar Dave, en net getrouwde, kon er wel om lachen:

“I was fully expecting it – it was revenge. When Chris got married I wrapped his house in bale wrap and made it look like a bale – his cars, his hedge, his gates, so I was expecting it. Lianne saw the funny side. She thought on the way home from the airport they might have been nice and left us alone, but there was no chance.”


“They had put a three-piece bathroom suite in the porch – a bath, a sink and a toilet. They filled all the drawers with rice…they filled the sugar pot up with salt, and filled all the pillows with rice.”


“There were some road work signs in the middle of the drive, and with my pick-up truck, they wired the foot brake up with the horn, so every time I touched the brake it sounded the horn. And he superglued the radio on full blast.”


“Dave was my best man at my wedding, he’s one of my best friends and he did the same sort of thing to my house. It’s a tradition.”

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Vrienden nemen wraak op getrouwd stel tijdens honeymoon!